By Bert Ladera


More members. And a new home.  While at it, be “relevant” Civil Engineers.


Such summed up the message of the new president of Philippine Institute of Civil Engineers (PICE) Iloilo Chapter.


Engineer Oscar “Richard” Garin Jr., new chapter president made the call while stressing that  “every private individual has his own public responsibility.”

And just like them, civil engineers “who create, who build, and who are endowed with more than sufficient technical skills that should stand the forces of nature and the test of time.”


He said that they should look beyond civil engineering as a profession and should realize that being an essential part of societal progress, they are required to improve themselves and the organization they belong to.


On his incumbency as Chapter President, he would like to focus on membership and organization, to let the part-time members to become full-time ones, to register PICE-Iloilo Chapter as a non-stock, non-profit organization in the Securities and Exchange Commission to have more fiscalaand organizational autonomy.


Along with it, he said, is the professional development of individual members of the Chapter or the enhancement of each and every member’s knowledge and skills through its CPD, GAD and Career Progression and Specialization Programs. This is also the commitment of national leadership of PICE.


The last and most important focus, he said, is the collective public responsibility. This is to share the blessings to the society by formulating plans and programs to make communities feel that PICE-Iloilo Chapter is a living organization and to make themselves relevant.


Garin made his first step as president during the 2020 Oath Taking of New Civil Engineers, Installation of PICE-Iloilo Chapter Officers for CY 2020, and Installation of New Members held January 31, at the Ann Margaret Ballroom, Diversion 21 Hotel in Iloilo.

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